Keep the best moments of your life and the life of your close ones. Our storybook album sets a new quality in the presentation of your memories.

Keep your memories from holiday trips. Stunning landscapes, joyful moments and exotic places presented in our storybook album receive a new dimension and bring a smile to your face for many years. Our storybook album allows for creating a unique composition of photographs, which will charm its viewers.

Keep the most important moments of your child’s life, its first smile and the first steps. Show others how it learns about its environment. We would like to present you with a storybook album, which is a great keepsake – whether it is a chronicle of the whole family or whether it shows only the early years of its youngest member. Our storybook album is a product, which will meet your expectations.

Our storybook album has good-looking stiff pages, which give it an exceptional and exclusive look. Each picture is printed on high quality, 800 gsm -  0.86 mm, silk photo paper. The Kodak Supra Endura Y paper, which we use guarantees lively, saturated and permanent colours.

Our luxurious and affordable product may have up to 35 spreads (70 pages). The              layout is composed of two facing pages and bound in a precisely made cover.
Apart from the pictures, we can put on the pages a subtle wedding symbol, a part of your wedding vows or your favourite quote.


Available formats of storybook album:


(height x width)


15x15 cm (perfect size of your pocket storybook album)

15x20 cm

20x15 cm (portrait size of your parents storybook)

20x20 cm (landscape size of your parents storybook)

20x30 cm (recommended for your child storybook, your holiday storybook)

25x25 cm

30x20 cm

30x30 cm (the best size of your wedding storybook album)

30x40 cm (unique size for you wedding storybook album)

30x45 cm (the most luxury format for demanding people)

  Available a wide variety of cover  s:

Its look and structure reminds of real leather. Its main advantages are its smart style and perfect finishing touch. Each cover of this type may include a window or a few windows for photos, any text or an embossed stamp. If you wish, we can also include some laser engraving.

Leatherette: Black Sun range:  

Keep all yours magic moments in the original, exclusive black sun cover, which is very rare on UK market.


Leatherette: White Lady range:

We want to introduce new line of luxurious and affordable storybook albums. Excellent choice for wedding couple.


Textile Fabric cover:
These covers are very original, modern and perfectly made. They are available in different colours and patterns and are recommended for all types of storybook albums.

Personalized album cover:
This cover is characterised by durability and wear resistance due to the application of a special laminate.
You may obtain a special character of this cover by designing its look the way you wish.

Leather cover:

Its soft to the touch with a great look. We have various structures and colours available. Recommended for discerning clients with sublime aesthetic needs. This cover is available only in a version without a window or a stamp.


If you would like to underline the special character of your storybook album, we have a wide range of options and additions available.

Two versions of photographic paper:

Matte – its texture reminds of silk.
Gloss- photographic paper with a high gloss finish giving incredible sharp photos.

Storybook album sleeves
For each storybook album we offer an elegant sleeve in the same colour as the cover.

Storybook album cases   New!!!

These cases have a stylish finish fold-over black cover with magnetic flap.The cases are made with a high quality black leatherette closed securely with a fold over magnetic flap.The high quality presentation cases are designed as an element which completes your storybook album collection. These fabulous case is available for storybook album size 30x30 only with max 24 double spreads.


Inside cover
You will see the inside cover as soon as you open the album and at its end. It is made of thick, elegant cartoon and significantly increases the durability of the whole product. We have two colours available: black or cream.  Choose one of them (its free of charge)

Die-cut rounded corners
In order to protect the storybook pages against damaging, we can round its corners.

Thicker pages up to 1200 gsm.
You may also order a storybook album with the page thickness: 1200gsm – 1.25mm. As a standard, we make them on 800 gsm paper and hence the thickness of one double-page is 0.86mm. Thickness of a double-page with an increased density is 1.25mm.

Additions to the cover:
Photo window
Our covers may be enriched with one of many picture windows. Because of them, your cover will be even more individual.

Laser engraving
With the use of a precise laser, we may add any shape or inscription to your cover. This service
is available in the following formats: 20x20, 20x30, 30x30, 30x45. Standard size of the inscription is 15cm x 4 cm. We may create any template design on the cover. Template GR5, GR6, GR7, GR8, GR10, GR12, GR14, GR16, GR17, GR18 are provided for a picture window on the cover.


Corner fittings
If you would like to protect the corners against damage, we can suggest protective fittings. They also fulfil a decorative function.


We may also add a stamp on the cover if you wish (related to an event or a company).