Special photographs need a unique bindin g.  As we want to meet your needs and expectations, we offer you a coffee table book, which will thrill you and your close ones and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.  The print and paper quality as well as the cover make you feel as if you had a book from a bookstore shelf in your hands. You will easily find the right coffee table book on your shelf as we can print the whole surface of its cover and add a title on book’s spine.
The timeless style of your coffee table book will make you come back to it very often.
Our coffee table books are printed on both sides of a page on photographic paper and bound in a hard cover. As the book may include up to 200 pages, it will meet the requirements of people who want to put in a lot of pictures.

The book pages are printed on 300  gsm  thick paper. The innovative technology which we use has totally eliminated pages falling out and it is easy to go through the book even if it has a lot of pages.
Each page includes unique photos in a special arrangement, which makes it very original. You may add a description, a date, a poem or a motto on every page.
Our coffee table books are bound in a hard cover available in a variety of colours, made of ecological leather (Leatherette ), textile materials or photographic cover.

Available sizes:
30x42 cm(size A3)
20x30 cm(size A4)
30x30 cm

Examples of coffee table book cover:

Its look and structure reminds real of leather. Its main advantages are its elegant style and perfect finishing touch. Each cover of this type may include a window or a few windows for photos, any text or an embossed stamp. If you wish, we can also include some laser engraving.

Textile Fabric cover:
These covers are very original, modern and perfectly made. They are available in different colours and patterns and are recommended for all types of storybook albums.
Personalized, photographic cover:
This cover is characterised by durability and wear resistance due to the application of a special laminate.
You may obtain a special character of this cover by designing its look the way you wish.